Team Designer Application


Job Description

Designer Position Descriptions

Graphic Designer

  • Reports directly to the Vice President of Marketing.

  • Responsible for designing and printing all graphic content (posters, business cards, banners, name tags, certificates etc.)

  • Responsible for working in coherence with the Events team to create graphics in accordance with their vision for the content.

  • Responsible for working closely with the Vice-Presidents of Marketing and Corporate Relations to create the necessary sponsorship package(s).

Web Designer

  • Reports directly to the Vice President of Marketing

  • Responsible for working with the Events team, Graphic Designer, and Director of Campus Outreach to communicate relevant information regarding upcoming events.

  • Responsible for building, and repairing the ITMSA website as necessary. 

  • Responsible for keeping the ITMSA website up-to-date in accordance to current events and initiatives.