360 Mentorship Program

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

The 360 Mentorship Program is a specialized platform that connects students with alumni and other industry professionals, so members can seek career mentorship and build a network.

About 85% of jobs are filled through networking! We understand that reaching out to professionals can be overwhelming, and that’s why ITMSA partnered with Ten Thousand Coffees to connect aspiring professionals through the 360 Mentorship Program.

How does it work?

  • Introductions: Receive an introduction to other members based on your role, interests and goals, right to your email. By making the introduction for you, we remove the awkwardness and pressure of sending a cold email.

  • Search & Discovery: You can browse all the members in the community to find members who can offer help with your goals. Feel confident reaching out to connect knowing everyone in the community is there to meet with others.

  • Recognition: After each introduction, recognize one another for a great career conversation by giving and receiving compliments. You'll also receive an official LinkedIn certification to recognize your commitment to continuous learning and career advancement.